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Our mission

The Solar Alliance for Europe (SAFE) is a network of companies and associations active in the solar energy sector. We support the German and European goals on climate protection and the expansion of renewables. In order to achieve these goals, we need open and fair competition without trade restrictions.

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Who is part of this network?

German companies that are active in Germany, Europe and worldwide in the solar energy sector are involved in SAFE. These include project developers and system operators, wholesalers of solar modules, system integrators and energy suppliers. We are united in the conviction that solar energy plays a central role in the energy provision of the future. This requires the continual expansion of photovoltaics at the most affordable cost. Trade restrictions for solar products – such as minimum prices or punitive tariffs – stand in the way of this development. It is for that reason that we reject these and campaign for their abolition.

"Open letter on a solar market without trade barriers"

Apart from the initiators of SAFE, up to 35 further companies and associations have now made their position in favour of a solar market without trade barriers public. These represent a major part of the value creation chain – from silicon manufacturers via project developers and installers right up to operators and traders in solar power.

You can download the open letter here.