Cost reduction

Prices for solar modules have been falling for years. These cost reductions do not reach Europe due to the trade restrictions. Consequently, consumers and investors pay higher prices than necessary.

Energy transition

The increase in the number of solar installations in Germany remains  way below the goal of the federal government. Consequently, trade barriers threaten the success of the energy transition and climate protection.

Value creation

More solar sites create jobs in Europe. As a result of the breadth of solar value creation, more than 75 % of each solar installation remains inside Europe – even when utilising modules produced outside Europe.
SAFE study shows: Solar modules could be 20 % cheaper in Europe. Globally, PV modules are produced below the current minimum import price set by the EU.
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Das EU-Verfahren: Anti-Dumping und Anti-Subsity

Press release: Opportunity missed, duties remain for 18 months

  Today, the European Commission has published its regulation on anti-dumping and anti-subsidy measures for Chinese solar modules and cells. Import duties and minimum import price will apply for another […]

Press statement: CJEU decision cements the past

  The Court of Justic of the European Union rejected the complaint of Chinese companies against anti-dumping and anti-subsidy measures imposed by the EU in 2013 on imported Chinese solar […]

Statement: Commission presents compromise on solar duties

  The European Commission’s College of Commissioners has today presented a compromise on anti-dumping and anti-subsidy duties on solar modules and cells from China. The new recommendation is now being […]

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What our supporters say

“Well intended is the opposite of good. The protective tariffs damage craft and industry. Never before have so many jobs been lost in Europe’s solar power sector as since the imposing of the protective tariffs. We from the solar power industry are therefore calling from the immediate removal of the protective tariffs.”

Udo Möhrstedt, IBC SOLAR

Udo Möhrstedt, IBC SOLAR

Chairman of the Board

“Renewable energies are the future of energy provision. Solar energy plays an important role in this. A free market for PV components provides scope for cost-efficient investments and innovations. It is also good for customers.”

Dirk Güsewell, EnBW

Dirk Güsewell, EnBW

Head of Generation Portfolio Development

“The expansion of renewable energies is one of the core elements in our strategy to create the energy systems of the future. To this end, we aim to make the most of the opportunities and potential offered by solar energy. Trade restrictions must not be allowed to block this path to the future.”

Dr. Holger Krawinkel, MVV Energie

Dr. Holger Krawinkel, MVV Energie

Head of Customer Experience and Innovation

“Power from solar energy can already be produced at the cost level of conventional power plants in Europe today. The trade restrictions are stifling the solar cost degression and thereby making climate protection more expensive. The EU should remain loyal to its objectives and lift the trade restrictions for solar products.”

Matthias Taft, BayWa r.e.

Matthias Taft, BayWa r.e.