Statement: Commission presents compromise on solar duties

The European Commission’s College of Commissioners has today presented a compromise on anti-dumping and anti-subsidy duties on solar modules and cells from China. The new recommendation is now being discussed with the member states. A decision is expected for the end of next week when the member states come together for a meeting of the appeal committee.
Berlin, 8 February, 2017. The European Commission rework its original recommendation after a majority of the member states had rejected it. This original proposal had been the result of a so-called Expiry Review which was launched in December 2015. In Europe import duties have been applying to solar modules and cells from China since 2013; alternatively these products can only bought at a minimum import price in Europe.
The compromise presented by the Commission today recommends an extension of the applicable measures for only 18 months – instead of 24 months as originally recommended. Furthermore, the Commission aims to have phase-out of the measures. How this can be done has remained unexplained. No further details have been published. The compromise will be subject to negotiations with the members states during the coming days.
Holger Krawinkel, spokesman of the Solar Alliance for Europe (SAFE), comments on the new proposal:
„It is encouring to see the Commission revising their original position. From our position, though, the new proposal is not enough and leave too much room for speculation. A new regulation on this matter has to make sure that prices for Chinese solar modules and cells sold in Europe represent the reality of the global market. Furthermore, we need a definite ruling-out of further expiry reviews as well as the impossibility of extending the measures to other countries.”