Statement: EU majority rejects extension of anti-dumping duties

Das EU-Verfahren: Anti-Dumping und Anti-Subsity
Majority of EU member states rejects an extension of Anti-Dumping duties
By the majority, representatives of the 28 EU member states have today rejected the European Commission’s recommendation to extend anti-dumping duties on Chinese solar modules and cells. Appeal proceedings are now launched.
Berlin, 26 January, 2017. Holger Krawinkel, spokesman of the Solar Alliance for Europe (SAFE), comments on today’s trade defence committee vote:
« We appreciate that 18 member states have voted against an extension of the anti-dumping duties. It looks like economic reason won as well as an understanding that the European solar sector and energy consumers will benefit tremendously from full access to the solar market.
DG Trade now has to revise its report and draft a new recommendation. This is an opportunity to draw more reasonable conclusions from the in depth analyses conducted in the past 12 months. We cannot see how the Commission’s report so far proves that there is dumping. Accordingly, the member states’ rejection is logically consistent.
SAFE expects the German government and the responsible Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy to take on a more active role in the debate than so far. Germany has to be an advocate of the majority interest of our solar sector. It’s a first test for the new Economics Minister, Mrs Brigitte Zypries. She has been a strong supporter of innovation and is well aware of the opportunities of free exchange of ideas and products. This current case presents the opportunity to help the European and German solar sector to prosper again – by means of free trade with solar modules and cells.“