News: 400 Unternehmen fordern Ende von Solarzöllen

Rund 400 Unternehmen aus allen 28 EU-Ländern sowie einige der größten europäischen Klima- und Umwelt-NGOs haben in Schreiben an die EU-Handelskommissarin Cecilia Malmström ein Ende der Importzölle und des Mindestimportpreises für Solarmodule und -zellen aus China gefordert.
Hier ein Auszug aus dem Brief der Unternehmen: „The measures have had unforeseen consequences on our companies, leading to job losses and reduced opportunity in the solar market due to increased costs. With module prices at an artificially high level, all our companies suffer from the dual impact of higher prices and the impact these prices have on demand. The European Commission and Member States need to end the measures now to accelerate the date by which this industry can grow sustainably without the need for support mechanisms. (…) To return sustainable growth to our sector, to see jobs come back to our companies and to see the value of solar grow in Europe again, the trade measures must go.“
Hier ein Auszug aus dem Schreiben der NGOs: „Removing the measures would help more Europeans to become active energy citizens or ‘prosumers’ – an objective that all members of the College of Commissioners should support.(…) “It is vital that there be consistency between the EU’s climate policy and trade policy. We therefore urge you, Commissioner Malmström, to end the trade measures on imported solar panels immediately through the expiry review. This is the type of act that will show the world that Europe is serious about tackling climate change and wants to be the world’s number one in renewable energy.“
Den Unternehmensbrief können Sie hier nachlesen (Englisch).
Den Brief der NGOs können Sie hier nachlesen (Englisch).